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News Flash: JK The Site Services is currently frozen in production. Please read the last few posts for more information.
Newsflash: JK The Site Services is currently frozen in production. Please read the last few posts for more information.


Hey! What's up? I'm Jacob Kauffmann, I'm the Nerd on the Street, and I'm here today to keep my promise and continue the breadcrumb trail between my projects!
So, JK The Site Services... failed. Around the end there, I was trying to get a JK The Tech going, but that branding wasn't going great, so I came up with my new brand: Nerd on the Street! For a short period of time, I referred to it as Nerd on the Street Productions, but I dropped the last word when I stopped referring to it as a subcompany of JK The Site Services.
I swear to god, I'll find some way to reward anyone who gets to my new project from here. Heck, even mention DC if you want to impress me a bit more! My new project's home page is really its YouTube channel at, but its website is at If anyone ever finds that does NOT work, then please try, as my new website, at least temporarily, is hosted by Google Sites. Webs has stopped offering HTML hosting, and I just can't bring myself to take JK The Site down... at any rate, let the breadcrumb trail continue, from Danger Camp to wherever I go after NOTS. See ya!

Hello to all. I am finally back after about 8 months of nothing. I would firstly like to apologize. I seemed to have disappeared, and I won't even try to make excuses for this. Now, a few important updates.
The "historic launchpoint" has obviously failed. JK The Tech never even took off. It was nested under an un-owned sub-directory of JKTheSite's main server, and this did not work. I need the new web site to have its own domain name, but I can't really afford two at once. The JKTheSite domain name expires in late April, and I'm a little sad to say that I think I'll be letting it go. Now, don't worry; you can still find the archive of this web site at, just like DC's archive is still at the original Freewebs address.
Yes, I did say archives. This website, in reality, is a failure. There are just too many files being hosted on a very limited server. I've been looking into small business web servers, but right now, is free, and the best I've got. Buying the domain name keeps The Site ad-free, so those should be back soon enough. All of our mobile sites are now offline, and even attempting to go to The Site won't work on mobile-classified devices anymore. My system was flawed, and I basically had to create and update a separate copy of The Site for every single personalized page we had.
Now, onto my future plans. I apologize to my few consistent viewers for abandoning the project. This started out as an experiment, and ended because I used it for experiments. Now, I am planning on starting a tech web site. may do, but I also have another idea that I won't share with you out of my obsessed fear that someone else will obtain the copyrights and trademarks before I do.
However, I understand that there is no excuse for not updating something that you committed to, so that's why I'm saying this: I am no longer committing myself to the JK The Site Services Project. However, if you wish, you may follow me. I will inform current viewers of my next project just as I posted the JKTheSite address on DC before.
Just go to, and if there's nothing posted, than nothing's happened. I wrote this on December 21, 2011, and I promise you that I will post my next project here as soon as it goes online, no matter how many years go by in between.
Finally, I'd like to thank my gracious viewers who've kept me motivated in my web design. I'm currently learning JavaScript and AJAX, which will really help me excel in my projects. Thank you for being here to read the first post and this post.

Hey! GUESS WHAT? OK, I'll tell you: The Site now has over a dozen NATIVE mobile versions! That's right, if your mobile phone, iPod Touch/iTouch Equivalent, or, yes, even TABLET are popular enough that we've heard or it, chances are it MAY have a JK The Site Site just for it! Head on over to on your mobile device and check it out! If we don't have a native page for it, though, don't worry, you still get the "Mobile" or "Unknown Tablet" version. Also, JK The Site now has it's own SHORTCUT ICON! Yup, that tiny little picture in the tab or window's title bar? Yea, that thing.
So, what's coming next? Next WEEK, we will be releasing our first ever Nerd on the Street Video, along with the all-new page, just for Nerd on the Street Productions! Also new to JK The Site Services next week: our first EVER WEEKLY POLL! With all of this and new games on the way, I'd keep an eye on JK The Site next week if I were you!
This marks a historic launchpoint in JK The Site's timeline. We are hoping that these new services and our new branding will take our site booming again, just as it once did in the late-middle of The Show Season 2. Not to mention, this is the biggest post we've had ever since the first one ever! We have also released the official JK The Site Services/Nerd On The Street Productions Members Network! What is it? Well, if you don't know, than it doesn't concern you! Uh... Why'd I even mention that, anyway? Anyway, please, bookmark the site and come back often, as we are hoping to get 20 hits in one week by the end of next month.
Remember, your comments and suggestions are always welcome on The Guestbook! Have a mobile device, phone or otherwise, that you would like to see with it's own site? Just give us a shout-out! See ya!

Hey! Want to play ALL the tracks on Bloons Tower Defense 3? Just beat the first four on easy! Maybe those game makers were more clever than I thought (and previously implied)!

Hey! Just got done adding Bloons Tower Defense 3! Sorry that only half of the tracks are available, the game makers got stingy and made me use a "Distribute Version". Anyways, I'm hoping to have 4 on it's way! Also, stay tuned for more info on The Show!

Hey! Just got done adding Bloons Tower Defense 2 to The Games! Check it out!

Hey, and Happy Holidays! Well, you asked and we listened... check out the all new COMPLETELY REDESIGNED GAMES PAGE!!! Now there are 3 ways to view The Games! Also, I see many, many new games coming to The Site in the near future... Check back every day! Once again, Happy Holidays! See ya!

Hey! So, you might have noticed that I have not updated The Site in a while. I have actually been very busy. The Show Season 3 has ended, and I am hoping that Season 4 can start soon... I have even fixed up the set! However, I am having some troubles, so no guarantees. If I do start airing again, the time and frequency might change, so keep checking back!

Hey! Sorry about missing The Show last weekend... None of my cohosts could make it. (I'm hoping to have Michael's excuse on video for the next episode!) But don't worry; Tune in this weekend to check out what I'm hoping will be one of our best shows yet! (No guarantees, but I tried to plan this one better than I have been!)

Hey! Check out the NEW episode of The Show!

Hey! Well, for the FIRST TIME EVER, The Show WORKED AND WAS ACTUALLY GOOD!Episode 2.2 was GREAT! Watch it now on The Show page!

Sorry! Yesterday I was unable to do The Show... I was ALSO unable to post about it. Once again, sorry! This will be the last time that it is rescheduled!

Hey! Check out the all NEW media player I got for The Show! You can now enjoy The Show right here on The Site! Just make sure you use the list of videos at the bottom, not the ones in the window... Try it out live on June 12!

Hey! Sorry, neither me or my cohost Michal will be available to do The Show on the scheduled date, but don't worry, it will take place on 6/12/10! Also, I am now on Twitter! Follow me; I am Jacob212121. In other news, I have updated the iPhone version of the site, so that you can now get to The Guestbook and the full version of The Site from our iPhone Page! That's all for now; See ya!

Hey! So, guess what? There is now have an iPhone version of The Site!!! Grab your iPod Touch or iPhone and give it a spin!

Hey! We have some GREAT new ideas for the next episode on The Show... Check it out!

Hey! So guess what? I JUST bought JKTHESITE.COM!!! You will now be able to skip the ".webs" part. I am posting this the evening of 4/28/10, so please be aware that the changes might take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to take effect, and the time varies based on your ISP (AT&T, Charter, etc.). Also, don't forget about the webshow coming up this Saturday at 3! Did I mention the change of frequency? I will now be doing webshows every MONTH (On the first Saturday, to be exact), instead of every WEEK. Doing so will give us more time to come up with ideas and test out special effects, resulting in a better webshow! Plus, if we ever have to cancel one, we can just make it up the next week (or the next, or the next), rather than lose an episode and fall behind. Be sure to watch out for new features on the site, including a search box, and new games! Remember, if you have a game recommendation, just leave it in The Guestbook, and I will do all I can to get it! Also, the NEW games are on the BOTTOM of The Games. That's all for now; See ya!

Hey! Well, that other website design idea would have been pretty hard... how do you like this one? Leave a comment in The Guestbook! Also, the first episode of "The Show: Season 2" is coming up... it will be on MAY FIRST! I hope that I have all of the tech difficulties worked out this time... Season one didn't have ONE SHOW without any! Also, these will be PLANNED and therefore BETTER... feel free to disregard the old ones! I have to go... See Ya!

Hey! Well, guess what? I FINALLY got the audio problem fixed! I did the first REAL webshow today... and then I found out that I had been broadcasting to the WRONG SITE!!! Everyone here didn't get any of it, only people on my old web site. Oh well. The first REAL real episode of The Show will be this weekend here on The Site... I hope nothing else goes wrong! Oh well. As my cohost for this week, Michal, said, "One problem at a time." That's all for now. See ya!

Hey! Well, no more colorful corners for now (Read previous post.) . Sorry, guys! But don't worry, I am working on it as fast as I can.... Well, that's all for now. See ya!

Hey!(as in hi.) Hey!(as in "Hey!") What happened to the colorful corners? (Read previous post.) Oh well, I don't feel like messing with them tonight. If they work for you, or some of them work, than awesome! I have to go, so Bye!

Hey! OK, I think that the audio problem on The Show is fixed... I'll try to do a webshow this weekend. In other news, check out the new backgrounds I'm adding to The Site!!! I'll try to find more, but as of now I only have the colorful pictures for the corners... I'm thinking some really cool 3D Streaks of Colors or something, but it will be harder than I thought... well, that's all for now. Bye!

Hey! Sorry about the audio problem on The Show... It will be canceled for a few weeks, or until further notice. Also, I added a new game to The Games... you HAVE to try out the "Bloons Tower Defense" game! Remember, the NEW games will always be on the BOTTOM, and give the page at least 30 seconds to load. See ya!

Hey! I can NOT believe it... the FIRST EVER EPISODE of "The Show" is going to be TOMORROW! I am even having 2 cohosts, so hopefully there won't be too many of those awkward silent moments like on my old show... well anyway, just remember to check it out!

Hey! Man, I say that a lot. I need to get a new signature greeting. Well anyway, the FIRST EVER EPISODE of "The Show" is coming up... THIS SATURDAY! Be there... Oh, well that would mean "Be HERE"... from 3:00 to 3:30! If you liked the DCW, than you will LOVE this! If you HATED the DCW, DISREGARD IT!!! If you didn't know about my old site, check it out at, but keep in mind that THIS ONE WILL BE BETTER! But no matter what, you will be SOMEWHAT ENTERTAINED by "The Show"! Saturdays, 3:00-3:30. Uh... well, just be there. See ya!

Hey! (By the way, when I say "Hey!", I mean hi, not "Hey!" like I'm yelling.) Well anyway, bad news: The site address will have to stay at Apparently the guy with is too busy being a famous lawyer to contact me and/or delete the site, even though the only thing on it was from 2005 and said "My fav game is runescape". Oh well. By the way, today I did the last episode ever of the Dangercamp Webshow... Awk-ward! I had to do it where I did originally... my front doorway... because our basement flooded another room that we practically use as a second attic, and all the boxes where temporarily moved to the studio... It's a good thing I'm making "The Show"! Watch every Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30 PM on "The Site". And by the way, now that I know the actual "The Site" is unavailable, I will refer to IT as "", and THIS website ( will be referred to as "The Site". That's all for now; Bye!

Hey! this is my first ever post on! Just to let you know, jkthesite does NOT mean JK: The Site. I wanted the site to be named "the site", but it was taken (I have contacted the owner about it, please stand by!), so I put my initials in front of it and got jkthesite! This is a replacement for my old site,, because even when I made the slogan "the LEAST dangerous site on the web!", I still had problems with the name. Oh, 5:30 all ready? Got to go; Ill post more later!

Hey! I'm back! So, here is some more info:

I do NOT go around taking websites from people! had absolutely NOTHING except "runescape is my fav website", and they wrote that in 2005! Also, my old site may look better, but that is because I used the site builder. This website, however, is completely made up of code! One more thing: these two paragraphs were actually one post. so the NEWER posts will actually be at the TOP. Well, that's all for now; bye!

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